What is it?
It’s an infection by a fungus that almost the entire population has in the oral cavity, but in states of low immunity, for example, it infects the oral mucosa. If this infection is not treated it can become chronic.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?
Chronic candidiasis essentially has two forms: white and red:
  • Thickened white lesions on the lateral edge of the tongue or behind the labial commissures
  • Reddish lesions on the dorsum of the tongue

Can it become malignant?
Some forms of chronic candidiasis are potentially malignant and, if not resolved with medical treatment, they can become malignant. Therefore, correct diagnosis and management of these lesions is essential to prevent possible malignant transformation.

Can it be treated?
Yes. The treatment is carried out through specific medication. If the lesions remain after medical treatment, another type of treatment must be applied. Do not hesitate to contact our Oral Medicine team who will be ready to help you in every step of the treatment.

Contact Endoscopy in Oral Lichen Planus
Contact Endoscopy is a non-invasive, painless exam, through which it is possible to identify fungi in the oral cavity, and, in chronic candidiasis, it screens cells that could be potentially malignant, guiding the treatment and follow-up of the patient.