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Dr. Carlos Nabuco

Dr Carlos Nabuco



Graduated from one of the best Medical Schools in Brazil, the prestigious University of São Paulo (USP), he specialized in Head and Neck Surgery at Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo. He moved to Portugal in 2007 where he became a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery.

By combining the Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery skills learnt in Portugal with his experience in Head and Neck Surgery acquired in Brazil, he took his surgical knowledge and expertise to a much higher level, enabling a more complete approach to the patient.

In Head and Neck Surgery, surgical experience and the patient-doctor relationship is extremely important, as this region of the body not only incorporates vital organs but also essential structures for quality of life: taste, movement of the face, smile, voice, breathing. Therefore, a humane and realistic approach to these patients and their families is fundamental.

Currently with 16 years of clinical experience, he is dedicated to head and neck surgery in all its aspects: thyroid, salivary glands, cervical cysts, diagnosis of cervical masses, head and neck cancer, reconstruction and tracheostomies. Voice is another area in which is he specialized, as it is closely entwined with head and neck surgery. He was part of the first team to perform laryngeal reinnervation surgery in Portugal, used in some vocal cord paralysis, in 2018.