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A multi-disciplinary team of doctors and surgeons dedicated to functional and aesthetic facial treatments
Drª. Marta Galrito

Dr Marta Galrito



Graduated from a national reference institution in the speciality, she directed her training towards Oral Medicine, a field dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies of the mouth and lips.

She has 8 years of clinical experience in this highly evolving area in recent years in Portugal, currently working on two related innovative aspects:

1 – She is a member of the first clinical research team in Portugal to study the use of contact endoscopy techniques in the diagnosis and monitoring of different mouth and lip lesions, an original project worldwide. The Instituto Português da Face is the first private centre to have this advanced technology for accurate diagnosis of different lesions of the oral and labial mucosa.

2 - She uses different types of laser in the treatment of various lesions in the area of Oral Medicine and in the treatment of snoring. She is a founding partner and board member of the Portuguese Society of Oral Laser Applications (SPALO).

Added to her unique experience in this field, she is also part of a quality referral network ensuring a more specialized and multidisciplinary approach to her patients with pathologies that have a major impact on the patient’s quality of life such as oral thrush, dry mouth, oral white lesions, oral lichen planus, burning mouth syndrome, oral HPV virus lesions, among other common afflictions of the mouth and lips.