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Nelson Vilaça



He started his career in clinical practice in oral hygiene in 1991, after completing his bachelor's degree at the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMDUL), having furthered his training in the same area years later at the Higher Institute of Health (ISAVE).

Years later, he contracted an autoimmune disease, vitiligo. After consulting and being treated unsuccessfully by dermatologists, he decided to try Chinese medicine. Here, he obtained surprising results in 6 months, with the vitiligo having vanished up to date. Thus inspired, he began to study traditional Chinese medicine, continuing over 5 years.

He completed the acupuncture course, focused mainly on osteoarticular pathologies and weight loss, specializing particularly in the treatment of pain using distal acupuncture and introducing acupuncture in the clinical practice of dental medicine, mainly in bruxism, trismus problems, limitation of mouth opening, TMJ dysfunction, paraesthesia, facial paralysis and orofacial pain.

In 2012, aiming to improve and to offer his patients a more comprehensive treatment, he started a master's degree in dental medicine at the Egas Moniz Institute.

Now, whenever necessary, acupuncture is integrated into daily clinical practice.