Dry mouth affects more than half of the Portuguese population.

Dry mouth comprises 2 factors:
1- Xerostomia: with the sensation of a dry mouth being a symptom.
2- Hyposalivation: decreased saliva production by the salivary glands.

The normal salivary glands produce 1.5 litres of saliva per day!
So why do we feel a dry mouth?

The main causes of Xerostomia are:
1- Hyposalivation!
2- Breathing from the mouth
3- Sensory Disorder/Injury

The main causes of hyposalivation are:
1- Medicines (and above all, polymedication)
2- Sjogren's syndrome
3- Radiotherapy of the head and neck region
4- Hepatitis C
5- Other diseases that should be screened, for example: Diabetes, Alzheimer's, HIV, Amyloidosis, among others.

Saliva is a crucial protective factor of the mouth enabling its proper functioning: eating, chewing, swallowing, speaking, protection against infections.

Have you felt a dry mouth on a daily basis for more than 3 months?
  • Do you feel swollen salivary glands?
  • Do you have to drink liquid to help swallow your food?
  • Do you wake up at night to drink water?

These are some signs that you may be suffering from decreased saliva production.

What are the complications of lack of saliva?
Lips, tongue and remaining cracked and painful oral mucosa, fungal infections, cervical cavities, and inflammation of the salivary glands.

Can these complications be prevented?
Yes. Specific measures must be taken on a daily basis, with small changes in your routine.

It is extremely important to carry out a clinical investigation and obtain a correct diagnosis in order to be able to design the most appropriate treatment for each case.

If you suffer from Dry Mouth, we have a team dedicated to helping you understand the real reason for this symptom, and, of course, we are committed to providing excellent treatment.