At the Portuguese Face Institute, research is our answer to medical challenges. We continuously invest in innovation and development to provide new medical knowledge and new approaches to the different areas of the face: temporomandibular disorders, orthognathic surgery, oral medicine, implantology, and many others. We strive to help the people who come to us on a daily basis.

Our goal is to develop surgical techniques and other innovative treatments that are best suited to the needs of our patients. We believe that we can play a decisive role in making healthcare delivery more personalized and, consequently, safer and more effective.

Nowadays, clinical trials are an essential tool to confirm the safety and efficacy of new treatments or to evaluate existing ones.

Portugal and the Portuguese are increasingly given the opportunity to participate in these studies, with the contribution of researchers, patients and their entire team being essential to their success and continuity.

In turn, clinical research can offer patients the unique opportunity to receive innovative treatments and more rigorous monitoring. It also enables a review and update of clinical practice in each research area by the study team.

These studies are carefully designed, conducted and controlled, according to international protocols that ensure compliance with high standards of safety, patient treatment, quality and data interpretation.