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Dr Cláudia Mata

Dr Cláudia Mata



Integrated Masters in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Nova Medical School, having completed the medical specialty - Stomatology - in a national reference institution, and directed his training to Oral Medicine.

Throughout these 5 years of clinical experience in the area, he has specialized his area of expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, with special dedication to oncologic patients.

Her areas of expertise in the department of Oral Medicine are:
  • Contact endoscopy: Diagnosis and monitoring of different lesions of the mouth and lips, in order to detect lesions before they become malignant.
  • Low-intensity laser: Treatment of different lesions framed in Oral Medicine.

She is currently finishing her post-graduation in Laser at CESPU.

Dr. Cláudia Mata is specialized in the treatment of patients with oral pathologies such as thrush, dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, oral lichen and oral lesions caused by viruses.

She has published several scientific papers in indexed journals in the area of Oral Medicine. Some of the papers that can be highlighted are "Gum Syphilitic, report of a clinical case"; "Surgical correction of acquired tongue malformations"; "Hemorrhagic bullous angina". In addition, he participates with scientific contributions, mainly in the area of HPV and other viral infections of the oral cavity.

In the academic component, she teaches, as an invited Assistant Professor, classes in Oncological Stomatology - Maxillofacial Curriculum Unit - at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.